Modern Methods. Traditional Craftsmanship.

At Cardinal Construction, we build with seasoned intelligence. It’s the kind of thinking that comes with learning the trade from our fathers and grandfathers, apprenticeships, and of course, experience. A good construction contractor knows which practices to keep and which to learn from and improve.

When our customers say, “They don’t build them like they used to,” they mean it – in a good way. Cardinal Construction can execute a single service on your project or provide turnkey operations to take your project from site selection to a finished facility walk-through.

Here is a list of our core services:

  • Site selection
    Seek out flatter properties to avoid costly excavation, consider availability of space for future expansion opportunities, due diligence such as zoning for a
    particular use.

  • Scheduling
    Create a start-to-finish timeline for clients, hold project meetings every other week, send any updates to client.

  • Concrete
    Laser screeding, foundations, floors, walls, walkways, etc. A good contractor knows the right mix to use based on environmental factors like temperature
    extremes, salting, etc. It's important to foster a team effort with the concrete supplier.

  • Carpentry
    Rough carpentry, framing, finish carpentry. We appreciate tight joints as much as the future owner, and ensure lines are level, straight and plumb. Lumber is pre-inspected and bad stock is returned to supplier for credit or replacement.

  • Land Development
    We listen to the client and gain an understanding of needs both for that moment and years from then. Is there a possibility or probability for expansion? We also research the type of business our clients are in to identify common struggles relating to location.

  • Value Engineering
    Analyzing options to stay on budget or reduce costs while retaining the original look and function of the facility. For instance, perhaps the plumbing or lighting
    fixtures are overly extravagant. Possibly, the outside trim is a source of the problem.

  • Construction Management
    Essentially, we perform as a project manager. Cardinal obtains a complete bid package for the client, sends out approved purchase orders, etc.

  • Design-Build
    Sometimes, a client comes in with a rough sketch or a photo of something they really like. That is a great way to start the conversation. Other times, we
    begin with even less than that, and we develop schematics to identify workflow and facility layout. We have discussions with the client to discover needs
    and determine a budget. We search for the source of their "pain" – previous limitations or inefficiencies, etc. Upon approval of the blueprint, we build.

  • Turnkey Operations
    Turnkey construction services are truly a concept-to-completion service that brings the greatest convenience to the buyer. Turnkey solutions include concept,
    design, structural engineering, excavation, foundation, framing, assembly, windows and doors, roofing, decks, HVAC, electrical and plumbing, painted
    interior, cabinetry and countertops, flooring, trim, stains and finishes.

  • Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings
    Steel structures have come a long way in providing design/build flexibility. Benefits include immense clearspans without the need for interior columns,
    higher ceiling clearances, higher R-values and lower insurance rates due to the noncombustible construction. Where intricate design is part of the plan, buildings can feature a combination of metal and wood.